Myanmar Photography tour

Now has never been a better time to visit Myanmar on a photographic Journey of adventure and discovery. Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) has won a landslide victory in Myanmar after general elections on 8 November. It was the country’s first national vote since a nominally civilian government was introduced in 2011, ending nearly 50 years of military rule.Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 20.09.20

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What Camera do I need for my workshop?

We have more megapixels that we need in any given camera or smart phone these days. We highly recommend  a camera that can be used manually with both aperture and shutter speed priorties for greater creative control . Functions aside,  It’s what we do with it that  counts.hoi_an_fish

The basic essentials;

Any DSLR or Mirror less Camera that can be operated manually with shutter speed and aperture .For wide to medium shots, a 24mm – 70mm for full frame cameras (18mm-55mm or equivalent for crop sensors). For longer telephoto shots, a 70mm-200mm for full frame (55mm-200mm or equivalent for crop sensors).
A lightweight travel friendly tripod, spare batteries and chargers, memory cards and card reader.

A Laptop with Lightroom Classic CC or whatever Raw software you are accustomed to. You only need to know how to import and file your images and a basic understanding of development. Please be sure you can do this because we won’t be able to cover instruction of all the potential software options. The 7 Steps To Workflow Mastery Lightroom course is available to you for free upon your booking.

For those that are more advanced, you may wish to explore using filters maybe a couple of soft grads an ND.

Try to travel light as ultimately you’ll be carrying your equipment. Sometimes less is more and when photo opportunities present them selves unexpectedly you dont want to miss the shot by being burdened with too much gear.


Falling foul to Coconuts. 80 KPH!


Many people ask us questions concerning safety in travelling throughout Asia and the destinations we travel to for workshops.

We are all to well aware of recent global terrorism events and must realise a new world order that no where in the world is safe to travel, but changing our travel behaviour is only going to be a victory for extremism.

That having said, we’ve been travelling and photographing for fifteen years throughout Asia and to some pretty remote places and have never once felt threatened or had concerns as to our safety or that of our camera equipment.

As always, an err of caution and sensibility to where ever we travel too, but frankly, travelling in Asia your more likely to fall foul to a falling coconut. (Estimated velocity 80 KPH).


Fishing for pictures.

Sometimes photography is a akin to fishing. We hunt far and wide to find a perfect spot and we’re all hoping for that big catch of a picture to bring home and share with our family and friends.

Sometimes we may fish all day and land many small fishes not worthy to bring home, least nothing at all.

Unhappy with our results, we often overlook to savour the day itself, and the process ”fishing” is just a small part of the journey.

That catch of a picture is out there waiting…there’s always another day.

Don’t give up.You’ll never regret for holding out for “just that while longer” for that perfect catch when you think all is lost.


Mekong Delta photography tour 2016

Putting together a new photography tour for next year,  The Mekong Delta.  We’ll be taking a cruise down the Mekong from Cambodia into Vietnam and exploring the richness of the fertile and bio diversity the Mekong has to offer,  giving you countless of unique photographic opportunities for you to harvest. Dates to be announced soon.