Cambodian Snacks. How adventurous are you?

Authentic and enriching travel experiences are what our photography tours and workshops are all about.

Discovering new cuisines goes hand in hand with travel photography… Do you dare!!!!

Young boy snacking on deep fried spider
Young boy snacking on deep fried spider

Khmer Cuisine. Classic Sour soups rich in fragrant herbs such as lemongrass and lime leaves Fish Amok, a green coconut curry dish is all not to dissimilar to it’s neighbouring country, Thailand but surprisingly without the spice that the Thai’s love.

But for an authentic experience you may like to try a local snack such as deep fried Tarantula… Tastes like beef jerky and the the females abdomen laden with eggs is particularly offering a texture likened to caviar.

Across Southeast Asian countries, insects are a great source of untapped protein and may be part of a solution to global food shortages.

Anything that moves is fair game, and there is hot debate on how this all started. Many locals claim that it became necessity through famine in the years of the civil war, but there is much evidence to suggest that insect eating has been going on globally since prehistoric times.

As festivities approach such as Khmer New Year, house holds serve “Special Dishes” all in part of the celebrations.

Fertilised duck embryos to start , crispy fried starlings, rounded off with a few crispy spider legs and if you’re invited to partake, it’s extremely impolite not to indulge!

Roasted baby starlings
Roasted baby starlings
Duck Embyo
Duck Embryo


Less is more…😳

 The basic essentials;

 Any DSLR or Mirror less Camera that can be operated manually with shutter speed and aperture .

 For wide to medium shots, a 24mm – 70mm for full frame cameras (18mm-55mm or equivalent for crop sensors). For longer telephoto shots, a 70mm-200mm for full frame (55mm-200mm or equivalent for crop sensors). A lightweight travel friendly tripod, spare batteries and chargers, memory cards and card reader.

 A Laptop with Lightroom Classic CC or whatever Raw software you are accustomed to. You only need to know how to import and file your images and a basic understanding of development. Please be sure you can do this because we won’t be able to cover instruction of all the potential software options.

The 7 Steps To Workflow Mastery Lightroom course is available to you for free upon your booking. For those that are more advanced, you may wish to explore using filters maybe a couple of soft grads an ND.

 Try to travel light as ultimately you’ll be carrying your equipment.

Sometimes less is more and when photo opportunities present them selves unexpectedly you don’t want to miss the shot by being burdened with too much gear.


Iconic Angkor


Four Smiling Bhuddhas
The four faces of Buddha.

The vastness of the Angkor temple complex often presents itself as a challenging  photographic subject to capture the “essence” of the Angkor complex of  temples. Try not to capture the vastness, but rather focus on the details.

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Best Time to Visit Cambodia

Strangely enough the best time to visit Cambodia is during the “OFF PEAK” (late Aug to Oct) – the tail end of the rainy season when Cambodia is most beautiful, Rain has washed the country clean and although a tropical downpour (which is fun in itself) may hold up proceedings for a few minutes this is more than outweighed by iconic images. Fluorescent, water laden rice paddies reflecting barmy rain baring clouds, silhouetted palm trees set against burning orange skies. The air is fresh and temples at their “Indiana Jones” best with shady areas covered in moss (watch your step). And guess what? – by definition “off peak” means less people – more choices, better service and better prices.

Barmy skies
Barmy skies

Barmy skies
Barmy skies


Spirit GateAll our photography  tours in Angkor are catered for photographers  in mind, and timed to miss the crowds wherever possible “Spirit gate” A gate set aside for spirits to enter in and out of Angkor Thom. Far from the madding crowds in a peaceful pristine part of the forest.Facebooktwitterpinterestmail


Histograms are very useful to us in determining a balanced tonal distribution of exposure, particularly outdoors in bright daylight as we cannot trust our eyes to see if the picture is correctly exposed form our display as our pupils dilate in bright sunlight. Simply by having the Histogram information displayed next to the picture is a quick and easy way to determine if our  exposure is balanced.

New to photography, you will learn about not “clipping highlights”, and spike to the extreme right on the histogram and students often get distressed when they see a spike to the right telling them that their exposure is not within printable range.


So don’t get het up and hot under the collar while histograms are useful and good practice there are certain situations where clipping is totally “acceptable” and you should let the histogram overshadow your primary objective, “taking pictures”.

Acceptable clipping situations are specular highlights, setting sun, Indoor portraiture where you may be using the natural light and want to let the outside detail to “blow out” the background information window light.



Far North Vietnam photography Tour.

This is a real photo adventure to a wonderful area untouched by tourism. Photograph stunning views of rice terraces in the mountains, friendly villagers, farmers, Fantastic and sunsets.

In collaboration with photography Mentor Mike Browne, we begin in Hanoi and drive north to Lao Cai and the mountains on the boarder with China. Tourists don’t come here so it’s completely un-spoilt and the people welcoming and friendly. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they are happy to be photographed going about their lives.

We visit and shoot in H’mong villages, Black Dzao and Nung tribes where you’ll get stunning images of daily life and an insight into this rarely visited region.

For full details please download an itinerary. In brief…