Cambodian Snacks. How adventurous are you?

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Young boy snacking on deep fried spider
Young boy snacking on deep fried spider

Khmer Cuisine. Classic Sour soups rich in fragrant herbs such as lemongrass and lime leaves Fish Amok, a green coconut curry dish is all not to dissimilar to it’s neighbouring country, Thailand but surprisingly without the spice that the Thai’s love.

But for an authentic experience you may like to try a local snack such as deep fried Tarantula… Tastes like beef jerky and the the females abdomen laden with eggs is particularly offering a texture likened to caviar.

Across Southeast Asian countries, insects are a great source of untapped protein and may be part of a solution to global food shortages.

Anything that moves is fair game, and there is hot debate on how this all started. Many locals claim that it became necessity through famine in the years of the civil war, but there is much evidence to suggest that insect eating has been going on globally since prehistoric times.

As festivities approach such as Khmer New Year, house holds serve “Special Dishes” all in part of the celebrations.

Fertilised duck embryos to start , crispy fried starlings, rounded off with a few crispy spider legs and if you’re invited to partake, it’s extremely impolite not to indulge!

Roasted baby starlings
Roasted baby starlings
Duck Embyo
Duck Embryo