Less is more…😳

 The basic essentials;

 Any DSLR or Mirror less Camera that can be operated manually with shutter speed and aperture .

 For wide to medium shots, a 24mm – 70mm for full frame cameras (18mm-55mm or equivalent for crop sensors). For longer telephoto shots, a 70mm-200mm for full frame (55mm-200mm or equivalent for crop sensors). A lightweight travel friendly tripod, spare batteries and chargers, memory cards and card reader.

 A Laptop with Lightroom Classic CC or whatever Raw software you are accustomed to. You only need to know how to import and file your images and a basic understanding of development. Please be sure you can do this because we won’t be able to cover instruction of all the potential software options.

The 7 Steps To Workflow Mastery Lightroom course is available to you for free upon your booking. For those that are more advanced, you may wish to explore using filters maybe a couple of soft grads an ND.

 Try to travel light as ultimately you’ll be carrying your equipment.

Sometimes less is more and when photo opportunities present them selves unexpectedly you don’t want to miss the shot by being burdened with too much gear.