Our Social Program


Aperture Asia provides creative enrichment-training programs to under privileged children across South East Asia.

Exposure through a variety of creative mediums exposes talents hidden within, by nurturing these newly discovered talents we build the confidence and self esteem towards a more positive future.

Our Philosophy: Continued development by providing the tools to create and inspire. Art is fundamental to communication. It can be verbal, visual, tactile, experienced, sensory and emotional. This understanding of ‘art as communication’ is core to our philosophy.

Our not-for-profit organization believes in providing tangible assets for development. We rely on kind donations to provide the necessary resources for continual training and are passionate about ensuring that people who donate to us can see exactly where their donations are going.

For individuals who demonstrate talent and potential, we endeavour to fund sponsorship programs in higher education and offer continual guidance, supporting them to find gainful employment.