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How to Cook up succulent looking images.

Photography in many ways is a bit like cooking. We have the desire to create and share our passion with loved ones. Becoming a Masterchef relies on practice, experience through trial and error and not being afraid to experiment. Don’t be afraid to share your dish with your friends for fear of comment. Valuable feedback in taste and seasoning is all to important for betterment of our next dish. Get out and cook!Banna fritterFacebooktwitterpinterestmail

Fishing for pictures.

Sometimes photography is a akin to fishing. We hunt far and wide to find a perfect spot and we’re all hoping for that big catch of a picture to bring home and share with our family and friends.

Sometimes we may fish all day and land many small fishes not worthy to bring home, least nothing at all.

Unhappy with our results, we often overlook to savour the day itself, and the process ”fishing” is just a small part of the journey.

That catch of a picture is out there waiting…there’s always another day.

Don’t give up.You’ll never regret for holding out for “just that while longer” for that perfect catch when you think all is lost.